Restaurant & Retail


Our programs and services are built to serve the small to mid-sized restaurant chains with locations of 500 or less. Zeros in the budget are the only difference between the marketing services needed by a 10,000 and a 350 unit restaurant chain. Their marketing needs are the same regardless of the number of units. With this in mind, we have developed programs to serve the small to medium sized chains with the same services the larger ones receive. This is where we thrive!




The “ONEPOINT TOTAL ACCESS” program, or the OTA as we like to call it, may be what you’ve been looking for to:

Reduce the chaos of
managing multiple suppliers
Bring on an industry-specific
marketing partner
Give your managers one place
to purchase their materials

Restaurant and Retail Services Include:

We have evolved our store profiling platform into modular features that serve multi-location businesses in the QSR and Retail categories, including:

  • PROfile IQ - Create robust, detailed profiles for every location with attributes customized to your business.

  • Promo Edge – We can build, edit, and launch campaigns using accurate profile data to reduce unnecessary costs of sending incorrect or more than needed signage to a store.

  • POP Shop - Order extra signage or replace damage signage with a few clicks.

  • Data Fūz - Data fusion works behind the scenes. It feeds work orders, kitting, and shipping data directly to manufacturing, fulfillment center, and warehouse for the highest level of speed and accuracy available.

Utilizing our store profile platform, we can print, kit pack and dropship for test marketing and system wide POP print campaigns. All campaign print over-runs are stored in inventory in our warehouse. These can be ordered through the PROfiles company store to replace lost, stolen, or damaged POP.

Our diverse range of printed materials gives you unlimited potential to reach your audience. From large format signage, Keep Distance COVID floor clings. digital print-on-demand items, sheetfed, web press, gift cards, wind waver flags, banners, labels, and whole lot more, we offer you ONEPOINT of contact for printed items. See our Print page for more info. Don’t forget, these products can be put in your online ProStore for easy access.

We can create custom COVID shields to protect your employees and make your customers feel safe. We have produced and installed these on site with awesome results. Contact us for pricing.

We love uniforms and we can easily incorporate your uniform program into your ProStore for online ordering. Check out our Uniform page for all the details.

We have US and overseas suppliers for any type of COVID face mask you need to protect your employees and guest. We even offer a “chilling” mask that can be wetted with water to keep your cooks cooler while working over the hot grills. Contact us for pricing.

Humans can’t live without a little SWAG! Your promotional giveaways can let your brand move in ways no other medium can. We tap into our industry knowledge and database of over a million products to deliver what you need to promote your brand. Yes, we can offer these on your ProStore for easy access. See our Swag page for all the details.

We provide design services and printing to support local store marketing campaigns. These products can be put in your online ProStore for your district and general managers to have one place for their LSM needs.

We provide all the items and installation you need for your grand openings when it comes signage, SWAG, Uniforms, Back of House materials and LSM. Our customers can utilize their ProStore to place orders for Grand Opening kits with a simple click of a button. We offer installation if needed to make your job even easier. Contact us for more info.

We offer a unique recognition program specifically created for hourly field employees that have no desk or computer. It’s super easy to use and the gift certificates can be accessed through your ProStore for your management team to create. Go to our Rewards page for all the details.


Need plastic gift cards to sell your customers at the counter? We offer all types with human read numbers and mag stripes to tie into your POS system. We also offer gift card holders the countertop displays as well. Gift cards can be easily added to your ProStore for quick access when needed.

Keeping in line with our ‘OnePoint’ of access for all your operation needs, we produce recipe cards, job aids, carry out labels, alcohol-to-go stickers, food stickers, snap frames, hours of ops, and all training materials. Your customized online ProStore is perfect to access these items. Contact us for more info.

We take the field requests for you. Our team is here to assist your managers in the field with one-off design needs or special projects for their stores. We also offer full customer and tech support for your team when using ProStores to purchase their items.

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