About Us

It’s Really About Our Customers.

Proforma ONEPOINT started out as Intergrated Graphics in 2010 by Scott Whitten in response from customers needing more than printed marketing materials. Having been in commercial print sales since 1994, Scott had accumulated a diverse customer base that wanted more of a “one point of contact” for print, SWAG, apparel, uniforms, and other marketing needs. The idea behind Intergrated Graphics was to integrate various forms of media to help a demanding client base achieve their marketing goals and give them one contact for all of it.



“The difficult we do immediately.
The impossible just takes us a little longer.”
– Scott Whitten, Founder and CEO

In 2018, Integrated Graphics became part of the $500,000 million Proforma network and Integrated Graphics formed Proforma ONEPOINT to offer corporate marketing and other departments a “one point of contact” for whatever they need to communicate to their customers and employees.

We made a decision early on not to own any equipment. This allows us to be a solutions based partner that focuses on our customer’s needs and not the need to sell for any equipment. It opens us up to be a true “one point of contact” for marketing and branding with endless solutions.

We do not like telling our customers, “No” to anything they may ask us.. We are in the customer service business. Period. We serve our customers by supplying all types of solutions for marketing, HR communication, and branding. We understand that customer service is an experience, not a department. One of our customer’s CMO called us, “Scrappy” and that made our day!

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